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April 22, 2012
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Mob Gods by OhSadface Mob Gods by OhSadface
So I had been watching to much Boardwalk empire and read to much Lackadaisy and thought it would be fun to apply Greek gods to like 30’s Esq settings. Via bootleggers and gangsters. There is no telling If I will ever do anything with these characters they were all sort of a “Just for fun” thing but who knows. I actually really tried to apply appropriate personalities and jobs and elements to the designs here. I wonder if people will notice some hidden ones. Enjoy!
In order minor character descriptions.
• Zeus – Sort of a Big show aging Mob boss with a thousand and one mistresses.
• Hera –Zeus’s cold hearted loveless wife. Cause no one likes Hera. lol
• Poseidon – A salty wharf master. Probably does a lot of illegal shipments for his brother Zeus.
• Demeter- Owner of a greenhouse and florist shop.
• Persephone- Daughter to Demeter works in the flower shop.
• Hades- A sleazy lowlife with a strong heart. Does dirty work for the boss when needed, and fauns over Persephone.
• Artemis –Con artist. Twin brother is Apollo.
• Apollo –Con artist with his sister. Instrument of choice, mandolin.
• Hephaestus- Blacksmith/ mechanic. Is wheel chair bound and married to Aphrodite.
• Aphrodite- Barfly vixen. Sleeps around.
• Ares – Haven’t decided if he’s a rival boss to Zeus or not. Slept with his sister Aphrodite. Cause Greeks were all about incest yo.
• Hermes – News boy/ snitch.
• Hecate- Gypsy.
• Hestia – Inn owner.
• Athena- Arms dealer, intellectual.
• Dionysus-Bar/vineyard owner.

Characters /images © April Hoera
mythgirl68 Apr 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This too hilarious. Now that I think about it, this would totally be the way that they would look like in a mob world. Being a mythology fan, this really is a pleasure to consider.
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