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August 10, 2007
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Professor Periander Kirby by OhSadface Professor Periander Kirby by OhSadface
Alrighty we now have part 3 of my Professor project :D
Part 1 Hufflepuff: [link]
Part 2 Slytherin: [link]
Part 3 Gryffindor: (you are looking at him)
Part 4 Ravenclaw: [link]

I don’t exactly know how I feel about this one. I like it but some of the colors are a bit to close for comfort (Mainly his skin and shirt) but it does not pull together as well if I change either. Unfortunately I didn’t take a good look at the design before I stamped him as a Gryffindor because if you don’t think about it you could jump into his picture and almost say OMFG its old Harry!? Cept I made sure his eyes were not blue or green (so they are orange because that’s normal) I also made sure his hair was not dark brown or black. Yeah the original he was gonna have green eyes and dark brown hair but that’s a bit to close but he came out fine anyway (: Anyway yeah that freaking left shoe is lucky it came out good because that leg gave me soooooo much trouble D:< I love how his glasses and pocket watch chain came out (: Btw he is hot and you know it! Peace out dawgs!

Professor Periander (lol Peri) Kirby © April Hoera
The houses of Harry Potter © J. K. Rowling
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thenumber42 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Oh the lighting is gorgeous on this one. *hopes to learn*
OhSadface Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks :B
Streakychan Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2007
There is something very leonine about his facial features, and I loooove it. And the way you colored and highlighted his hair. Oh man. Give me your skills please?
OhSadface Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
His hair = love :) And sorry you can have my skills when i am not in school but not right now XD
Ludichrist Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2007
I really like this picture... You're images are like the Ying to Mad Carrot's Yang.

Awesome stuff :-)
OhSadface Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
XD Well thank you.
DC-Chan Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2007
Do I smell stubble? :D
OhSadface Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
perhapse :)
NatAsplund Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2007
Kirby is an awesome name XD

yay a guy Prof. lol!
for Hufflepuff you should make her a distzy blonde lol!
OhSadface Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah his name I got out of a list of English last names lol he almost ended up with the last name Derby, or Keen :/

And actually I changed it around like 20 seconds ago and made my ravenclaw proffessor the Hufflepuff D: (because everyone so far is wearing house colors which was completely unintentional and she is infact in the hufflepuff colors ) Sooo she gets to look smart, but actually just be simple and loyal :) And the Ravenclaw Professor is gonna totaly be a dude :) and I hope he ends up just as hot P:
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