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September 16, 2007
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Sketch Dump September 07 by OhSadface Sketch Dump September 07 by OhSadface
:Big File!!:
Ok these are just a collection of sketches I have done in the last month or so of my characters. all done in crappy ballpoint pen.
:Note: Each colored piece took at least 2 hours to color separately. Just so you know….and personally I took some pretty good leaps in coloring I mean I actually see depth and volume in there faces :,D
First the character in the brown segment was just some random guy I drew while watching “ The adventure of Sherlock Holmes’s smarter brother” He has a debonair and charming feel to him so he may be of use in the future.
Next unknown character is the one in the blue in the upper and lower right corners. He was created randomly as a Deatheater because I was in super Harry potter mode still. Anyway He is Auster Triggs and a sexy son of a bitch..well to me anyway.
Then I got some of Thisbe doing stuff in her little outfits..including jumping Periander and being super cute squishing noses….
Ummm then we got Linus being ….hands.shoulders and a head. And Caliope with her patronus that is…some kind of bird. Stork, herrin? Idk.
OH! and for :icontallycat: there is a pic of Thisbe in there with a Snider hat! (inside joke thing)
….yeah ……Auster is just looking to sexy there at the bottom so I am gonna go to sleep now.

Characters/ images © April Hoera

Seriously Don’t steal my stuff it’s all I have D,:
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O.O Dude...I am like UBER JEALOUS of your drawing skills!=D Makes my SHITake drawings look like they were done by kiddies!XDDD Excellent job!!
OhSadface Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Aww thanks D,:
No problem!:hug:
fennin Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007
omg i love it. thisbe is my perfect woman. *-*
OhSadface Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
XD Well thats good to know XD Glad you like her :)
boogiepoeta Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007  Hobbyist
Aww~ It's lovely :D My favourite is that Slytherin Lady ^_^
OhSadface Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks!! Glad ya like her :)
CapnFlynn Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007  Professional Filmographer
I really like the scruffy dude with the beard. :D
OhSadface Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah he seems to be the most popular XD
RLFedun Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
KITTY! 8D I love blue-haired guy, he's tasty. :d And I looooooooove the pictures of Thisbe, she rocks. And of course the nose-to-nose picture, which is my ultimate fave! X3 I love how you color and I wanna beat you up and use my vampiric powers to suck out your talent through your nostils, 'cause you get such lovely shading in like, EVERYTHING you do. I will say this about Sherlock Holmes guy, though: his cheeks (in the first two, at least) are too defined/round, he's totally got the chipmunk thing going on. Stop listening to yelling black people. D<
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